Ancient Astronauts

Travellers In Time And Space

In a manner of speaking, we are all astronauts on this spaceship Earth. Our relative position in the Univers is constanty changing as our Earth spins on its axis, runs laps around our Sun and tags along as our Sun is also spiraling around our Milky Way Galaxy. Which... is also moving.

The math is staggering. The Earth is running its lap at 67,000 Miles Per Hour. We've traveled already over 18 miles since you started reading this paragraph.

The hardest thing to believe about our having visitors from another planet is believing they would know where to find us. Not only are we moving really fast, space is really big. It would be absurd to think there are not living, thinking beings on other planets in the universe. But how would they know about us and how could they possibly get here in less than several hundred years?

The answer is math and science.

Just take a look at how fast our technology has increased in the past 10 years. Then, the past 20 years. Then look at where we were a hundred years ago. 150 years ago threre weren't even cars.

Our technology is growing at an astronomical rate. We've gone from zero transistors in 1946 (the year before they were invented) to trillions of transistors per square mile of the planet in less than one hundred years. At the pace of discovery and invention and implementation we have now, in one hundred years... well... we don't even know how far it will go. As computers get faster and smaller, the research by scientists gets faster and more vast. Our understanding of the universe and of ourselves, sadly, is not moving as fast. We learn how things work incredibly fast... yet our understanding of "why" things work... mostly is still left to religious texts from hundreds or thousands of years ago.

If they are here... why are they hiding?

This one is easy. Have you seen how we treat each other? Racism exists on different levels within every country on Earth and nations threaten each other on a global scale. If we are this awful to our own species, how awful would we be to someone from another planet?

And, who says they are hiding, anyway? And... who says WE aren't the ones from another planet in the first place?