Omicron Services!

Image, Video and Audio Capture.

Omicron Investigations uses high definition DSLR video cameras and handycams to gather video evidence and produce our programs. We also employ several high end DSLR still cameras capable of recording in low light, time lapse and rapid shooting exposures. We have several audio processing stations and high end microphones to capture any ambient sound and process it beyond the range of human hearing.

Paranormal Expertise

Omicron's founders have backgrounds in science, research and criminal investigations. We have relationships with several Mediums and Claravouyants who can communicate with the spirit world. And most importantly, we have the open minds and imagination to believe that anything is possible until we prove otherwise.

Astronomical and Astrological Research

Our backgrounds in math and sciences give us the ability to research the facts and figures related to space and time travel. It also gives us the desire to hypothesize about the theoretical and explore the possibilities which are often discredited by the close minded.